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What Our Pet Parents Say

My puppy had ingested a lot of gum a couple nights ago. The next day he was very sick so we rushed him to this vet. I really appreciate them being so nice and fast acting. They took him back right away. They assured me he was stable and getting plenty of love. As we were about to be discharged, the vet came in and went over all his lab work with me and printed 2 different priced treatment plans I could choose between. She was very thorough. The bill was also nowhere near as expensive as I expected. So very thankful for the staff there that helped my Roachie.

Bailey Q.

My dog swallowed his toy and I had to run him by immediately. Dr. Parrish and her staff were incredibly helpful, friendly, and professional. They got Boomer taken care of very quickly and he’s back to himself. Very thankful and would not hesitate to recommend this establishment!

Craig J.

If I could give 10 stars, I would. From the time my wife called, we received nothing but empathy and professionalism for our 13 year old cat that had had a stroke. All staff were excellent! The "emergency" fees are VERY reasonable, for what we had done, compared to other places. All of you made this an as pleasurable experience as possible and we thank you for it!!

Ken H.

The doctors and staff at mountain could not be more caring or more professional. They treated our little pup with gentle and exceptional care through her emergency surgery and recovery. The doctors and staff were eager to help us, answer our questions, and communicate with our regular vet. Couldn’t have been in better hands!

Mike P.

I wanted to share the amazing care that we received at Mountain ER Animal Center in Blue Ridge on Sunday. Dr. Allison Edberg and each and every one of her assistants were so very kind. If you are in need of an emergency vet, I highly recommend them! Leaving this review in memory of our sweet boy, Champ ❤️ 💔

Glenda J.

I just want to give a special THANK YOU to Mountain Emergency Animal Center! They treated our BellaMae with excellent care. They were kind and very professional. Although they were busy they still gave us time and attention that was needed. Our BellaMae and us will be forever grateful!

Corrie P.

We had such a pleasant experience, that I am posting this review on our way home! We are on vacation, and my dad fell down a few steps of stairs with our 14 year old Dachshund in his arms. She had a bloody eye, so we immediately researched the nearest emergency vet, called to confirm they were open, and darted off to the vet.

Each person we spoke to was extremely compassionate! There was clear communication, transparency, and immediate trust with the reassurance that our beloved fur baby was going to be okay. Everyone took the time to listen, and reassured every concern we had. Compassion was even extended to my dad, which every person that spoke to us acknowledged my dad’s part in the fall and asked if he was okay. They honestly do care.

To top it off, for an emergency vet, I believe they are pretty affordable. We are originally from FL, so pricing may be different, but we believe we were charged fairly for the visit.

Long story short, we are extremely pleased and blessed that we had such great care for our baby right down the street when we needed them. We were in and out within the hour, treated amazingly, and charged fairly. Take it from someone that is extremely picky and protective of my dog’s care.. I HIGHLY recommend!!! We cannot thank you guys enough!!

Tatiana R

These folks were simply amazing. Our Australian Shepherd got a really bad cut on his back and needed a trip to the emergency vet. I called and explained what had happened and was told to come immediately. We rushed to the vet and they immediately took him in and started treatment while I handled the business end of things. They were very accommodating and very thorough as they explained the procedure needed and the cost. The cost didn't matter to me regardless of what it was. I was expecting it to be an astronomical amount based on past experiences elsewhere but was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was much less than I expected. The procedure took about 4 hours and I was offered the option of waiting in my car or going home and coming back. I waited there. They did require payment up front, that's to be expected and I have no problem with that. After it was all said and done, they actually refunded me a portion of the payment because things weren't quite as bad as they thought they would be. Bottom line, I would highly recommend these nice folks if you ever find yourself in need of an emergency vet.

Andy S.

I love the staff at Mountain Emergency. Their kindness and compassion for our Lillie was unsurpassed. They made her passing easier for us at our most difficult time. Doctor Phyllis and the entire staff are absolutely wonderful, caring people. God bless them all.

Lee M.

Had to put down my dear little Bailey maltese/poodle mix. He stayed by my late wife during multiple surgery recoveries and after she passed he took care of me. The staff here was incredible. The lady vet who helped send him on was unbelievable. She was so kind and gentle and took time to ask some questions about Bailey and then said kind words over both of us for which I will be forever grateful.

Randy W.