Wildlife Large Animals & Strays


Large Animals

  • 828-524-1957 Spotted Pony Animal Wellness (serves Murphy, Franklin, Andrews, Blairsville area)
  • 678-936-3868 Large Animal Travel Vet ( Dr. Milligan) Blairsville, Young Harris, Hiawassee, Haul in available (call first)
  • 678-316-2206 Large Animal Travel Vet ( Dr. Pam Milligan) Same as Dr Milligan above
  • 423-559-9690 Equine Medical Center, Cleveland TN
  • 865-974-5701 University Of Tennessee, Knoxville TN
  • 706-542-3221 University Of Georgia, Athens GA
  • 678-800-4368 Sunrise Veterinary Hospital Jasper, GA Mobile and Haul in. Mobile covers from Blue Ridge to Woodstock.


Wildlife Emergencies / Emergencies concerning wild animals

We cannot offer advice regarding treatment and care for wild animals. We can refer you to a licensed rehabilitator who can direct you on how to proceed with the animal. You may also consult the Georgia Wildlife website at www.georgiawildlife.org or call the Department of Natural Resources emergency number at 800-241-4113

Injured Strays

Please call our office if you find an injured animal. We can advise you on an appropriate course of action depending upon the animal’s location and medical condition.

Please use extreme caution when handling an unfamiliar animal especially if that animal has been injured.

Injured strays and the care MEAC may provide is dependent on several factors, including:

  1. The severity of the injury and possible recovery time
  2. Likelihood of adoption after treatment
  3. The county the stray is from
  4. The willingness of the rescuer to assist with medical costs, foster care, and transportation

Please note that all stray animals will be scanned for microchips to help locate the owner. If the stray animal is seriously injured, is given a poor prognosis, and/or is suffering, we will elect to humanely euthanize the stray.

In some circumstances, we are able to treat gently injured stray animals through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund that is specific for MEAC. The American Veterinary Foundation is a 501c organization that accepts donations on our behalf. Please see the Stray Fund section.

Each county that MEAC serves has different policies in place for stray animals—some use a local shelter, some have their own animal control division, most only take dogs, and some will take cats. The MEAC staff will inform you when you call or come to the hospital of the specifics based on the area the stray is from.

Please note – our injured stray animal fund is small. Our ability to help injured strays depends on the severity of the wounds, our limited funds, and the ability of local rescue groups to assist us. We are NOT a rescue group or humane society or a shelter. Therefore, we cannot accept non-injured strays to stay at the hospital.

We are only able to work with local animals (from the tri-state area served by Mountain Emergency Animal Clinic). If you have found an injured stray animal in another location, you should contact your local animal hospitals and/or animal control for assistance.

We do not have access to the rabies tag records for local veterinary offices. If you have found a pet with a rabies tag, please call that veterinary office during their regular business hours.

We do not have the facilities or funding to accept owner surrendered animals or strays. You can contact one of the area rescue groups during their normal business hours if
you have an animal you can no longer care for or have found a stray animal that is in stable condition.